Ways To Make Money As A PhotographerThere a different ways to make money as a photographer that we will list. All it requires is some extra time and a camera of course!

Photography is a wonderful hobby and you can even make great money doing it on the side. Millions of people take pictures every day on their phones and share it on their social media accounts so it makes sense that we’re living in world that relies on photography.

So have you thought about making extra money on the side?

Maybe this is a side hustle you could tackle on the evenings or weekends. Heck, it could become a full-time job if you get a lot of clients.

Start Small
If you don’t already own a nice camera, start with your phone! There are thousands of different apps you can get for your smart phone that will help you frame, shoot, and edit your pictures. This is an easy step to start with and doesn’t take a lot of dough to get up and running.

Don’t think you have to go big or go home
It’s definitely not necessary to start guns-a-blazing’ with a heavy duty camera rig. You really don’t need a $1000 camera to get started in photography. Start small with a beginners kit or even borrow from a friend or family member if you know of someone who would help you get started.

There are always tons of people posting they are looking for photographers. Families needing pictures done for birthdays and holidays, models looking to get in the show business, even engagement or wedding pictures.
Again, it’s best to start small with maybe some portrait photography before tackling something massive like a wedding.

Local Meetups
Get on meetup.com and look for photography groups near you. This is a great way to connect and learn from others and maybe even get a gig!

Start a blog
Love nature? Want to be a word traveler? Like taking pictures of old books from the 1800s?
Start a blog and take pictures for it. You can share your posts and possible earn extra money from advertising.

There are so many ways to make money as a photographer but these are just a few that stuck out to us. Always be looking for someone who needs pictures taken. We’re always going to need a photographer and you might just be the best person for the job. Happy earning!

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